How to Inject Fun into your Next Corporate Event

Every employee likes recognition, and many companies accomplish acknowledgment of top-performers with an awards banquet. Unfortunately, these events are often sit-down dinners and can be quite dull. The process of handing out awards often turns into a marathon and is not that interesting for the majority of people in attendance.

For those tasked with organizing corporate events, it is always challenging to come up with the right venue while being cognizant of costs. Some forward-thinking companies have ditched the formality and stuffiness of a sit-down dinner for a fun approach that focuses less on awards and more on ensuring the event is engaging for everyone. Being flexible and willing to let go of tradition is the key.

The Venue on Main is an example of where this approach could be applied. The Venue, with its downtown location and its proximity to convenient parking, features multiple bars, a full-service restaurant, catering options, a live-entertainment venue, luxurious TopGolf Swing Suite Bays, with virtual games to suit varied interests. Groups are able to have fun, interact with their co-workers, and enjoy some great food and drinks. The Venue on Main offers different event spaces to accommodate small groups from 10 people, up to larger groups of several hundred participants.

Talking with an event coordinator is a great place to start. The experienced event staff have hosted hundreds of events and can help tailor an event specifically for your group.



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